1915 Greenleaf Lane
Leesburg, FL 34748
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1915 Greenleaf Lane, Leesburg, FL 34748     (352) 323-1862     

Central Florida's Most Recognized Name in Signs

Sign Crafters of Florida is a full-service sign manufacturing facility located in the heart of Central Florida.

Our goal has always been to continue to serve our clients with the quality signage they desire at the price they deserve, and that will never change.

As a certified electrical contractor, we specialize in large-scale sign projects for businesses all over the state—from monument signs and electronic message centers to channel letters and awnings. We are a full-service sign manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to be as accurate and efficient as possible.

Sign Crafters is humbled to have a dedicated team of gifted sign-making professionals eager to tackle the most complex sign styles imaginable.  From concept to completion, we're dedicated to bringing our customer's vision to life.    We fabricate for not only organic customers but wholesale for sign companies all over the country. We're so passionate about the sign industry as a whole, we not only recognize but embrace the incredible creative potential that lies within it.

As we've grown over the last 15+ years, we have tackled each stepping stone with thankful hearts, open minds, a commitment to excellence, and a continuous drive to turn out the very best products and services we possibly can.

Our Process

1. Planning

The first step in planning your sign package is cultivating the right sign(s) for you. This is where we may send one of our surveyors out to investigate your existing signs, plan any removal efforts, discuss sign size and placement. Our team member will snap photos of your possible sign location, get measurements as well as building paint colors. Letter sizing is very important in determining from how far away your business name can be read. It’s crucial to know what letter height works best for your viewing distance. Another big part of the planning phase is determining which sign types best fit your location. For example, would a roadside monument be an asset? Is wall signage identification needed? Would wayfinding (or directionals) be helpful?   All things to discuss and plan for. Once a plan is formulated, the job can the move into the design phase.

2. Designing

Once your sign package has been conceptualized, the fun begins! Our in-house graphic designers will work with you to create stunning designs that are eye-catching and that leave an impression. We believe that a properly designed sign is the most important part of the process and drives positive outcomes. By helping you through the design phase one step at a time, we can develop designs that are tailored to you and your commercial signage needs. The design phase helps you not only visualize your project, but opens doors to material and fabrication options that you may not have even thought of yet. Our goal is to find designs, fonts, colors that meet your needs, makes a dynamic first impression and sets your business apart from the competition.

3. Permitting

Once a design has been settled upon and a deposit has been collected, the project will move into our permitting department where they will work with you on signing permitting paperwork. The municipality that governs your location establish the guidelines on how much signage you are allowed to have as well as where it’s placed on the property. We will look into that during the initial phases of planning to determine what’s allowed. Once all permitting paperwork has been signed and notarized, engineering is ordered and then it will be submitted into your city’s local municipality for approval. A site plan of your property will likely be required by the municipality as well other documents that our permitting staff will prepare on your behalf. Permit approvals vary by municipality, but on average, permitting approval takes 3-6 weeks.

4. Fabrication

Once the permit has been approved by the municipality and issued to us, the job can then move into fabrication. This is where our team of skilled sign builders fabricate the signage to the exact specs you chose.   That time frame for fabrication depends on the workflow at the time your sign permit has been issued by the governing municipality. On average, allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication. As your fabricated sign(s) come out of our manufacturing facility, they go through quality control. Once they receive a final stamp of approval, install date(s) will be scheduled.

5. Installation

After fabrication, your sign(s) are scheduled for installation. Our sales team will reach out to you to alert you that your sign is on the schedule to be installed and will keep you posted on any updates.   Keep in mind that ground signs such as pylons and monuments, involve multiple trips to the location before final installation, and various inspections may be required by the municipality along the way.   So with these types of signs, the installation process will typically begin before the sign comes out of fabrication, and that process begins with us calling for locations before excavation, via Sunshine 811 (Call before you dig).

6. Service and Maintenance

Congratulations, once your sign(s) have been installed, our sales staff will be reaching out to you regarding final inspections, your much appreciated feedback on the entire process and to collect the balance due on the job.   At this point, our appreciation is shared with you. You understand that there are many sign companies to choose from out there and are grateful that you made the decision to work with us and we look forward to working with again on future sign projects.

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