Channel Letters & Logos

Whether you realize it or not, your potential customers decide whether to enter your store from the details they can absorb from the outside. Whatever the sign, it's essential to communicate with your customers and create an inviting, engaging atmosphere. Channel letters are a great way to create interest in your storefront and engage your clientele. The attitude that your branding embodies is a crucial part of customer relations. We understand the importance of branding your venture and forging an image to set you up for results.

At Sign Crafters, we offer a complete range of channel letter products, typestyles, and logos. Front-lit signs are the most common channel letter type. As the name implies, these signs emit illumination only from the front (or face). They are commonly used at shopping malls, outdoor plazas, and stand-alone buildings and offices. They can be either raceway or flush-mounted and contain LED illumination (UL Listed). Letter styles and color possibilities are endless, with many unique options to make your sign stand out. Other channel letter types include:

  • Cloud style.
  • Reverse Glow (halo-lit).
  • Open face.
  • A hybrid (where you can have front-lit and reverse-glow).