Sign Maintenance, Repair, and Removal

Over time, signs do become weathered & tattered and require maintenance. Sign refurbishing is a big thing we do. Businesses understand that to keep an impressive image for themselves, their signage must continue looking its best! Older graphics tend to fade, curl & peel over time. In the harsh Florida sun, the paint on the sign poles or the outside of the cabinet tends to fade and weather. Electric signs frequently require bulb and ballast replacement. Here at Sign Crafters, we have the equipment, the trucks, and the knowledgeable servicemen to ensure that your sign continues to light up properly and operate safely. So whether you need a major refurbishment or a minor bulb change, Sign Crafters has what it takes to meet your needs. Because, after all, the sign of a good business is a GOOD BUSINESS SIGN!

Sign Crafters can also help with sign removal. Maybe the previous owner of your building left their sign up, and you need it removed. Maybe your company is rebranding, and you're not quite ready to replace the sign but need the old one gone. Whatever the case may be, Sign Crafters is here to help.

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