Architectural Awnings & Canopies

Signcrafters fabricates high-quality, attractive, fully engineered architectural awning and canopy systems. Our maintenance & rust-free aluminum products provide long-term performance and cost-effectiveness for businesses.

Custom architectural awnings and construction elements are a fantastic way to make your brand or business stand out. Louvers, decorative aluminum products, custom ACM panels, Bahama shutters, and sunshades can make your brand uniquely you without the need for words and traditional signage.

Canopies are used as cover from the elements while also being aesthetically pleasing. These canopies can provide a covered area to protect customers, expand your restaurant's outdoor seating, or cover your employee break areas. Signcrafters canopies are aluminum construction that receives powder-coating or paints to coordinate with the existing architecture or building colors.


Our experienced staff designers work with you to translate your needs into canopies and awning systems that add to your project's aesthetic beauty and functional design.


The process extends to the actual fabrication of the awning and canopy products. All of our products are produced and assembled at our Florida location.


We make them and put them up throughout Florida when we are done. From the initial concept to manufacture to the final installation, we will work with you every step of the way.

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